Easy Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas Anyone Can Do

Halloween makeup can be extravagant, complicated and impossible to replicate unless you’re a highly skilled and talented MUA but that doesn’t mean Halloween makeup is out the window for you're not.

Here are some easy last-minute Halloween makeup ideas that everyone can do:

A Deer

This Deer makeup look by Irish makeup artist and YouTuber Sinead Cady is super cute and her tutorial is very easy to follow. 

It was even featured on American chat show Jimmy Kimmel when his god-daughter followed the tutorial! 

Broken Doll

A classic last-minute Halloween look, New Zealand YouTuber Shannon Harris has created a great step by step tutorial. 

Follow this tutorial and put on your girliest outfit and you have yourself a brilliant creep broken doll costume. 


Creepy Scarecrow

A very easy to achieve last-minute makeup look by insanely talented makeup artist Promise Tamang. 


Throw on a plaid shirt, some light blue jeans and boots or a plaid dress to complete this look. 


Wednesday Addams

A fool-proof look that everyone can achieve, all you need is black eyeliner, black lipstick and some black clothing. 

YouTuber Lex has created a super easy to follow, short tutorial to help create the perfect Wednesday Addams look.


A Lion

The Lion King was a huge movie this year so why not channel your inner lion for Halloween. 

Irish YouTuber Aoife Conway has great step by step tutorial for creating a gorgeous, glam lion look, she even included a little hair tutorial to complement the makeup.


So there you have it, five easy last-minute Halloween makeup looks to help you avoid that last-minute costume panic. 



If you recreate any of these looks make sure to send them to us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. 

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