Kim K Misspelt 'Giorgio Armani' in a Tweet to Giorgio Armani

That'll learn ya, wha' Kimmy?! The first thing she did wrong was give the design house grief on twitter... then she spelled the name wrong. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

Hey, at least they're personally sending you out the foundation, Kim, they wouldn't do that for just anyone. Just don't mess about with the brand name in front of your millions of followers, mmmmkay?

In response to the spelling faux pas, Kim responded with the excuse I wheel out whenever the internal spellcheck has a knickerfit...


In this instance, that winky face is universal code for "I'm THIS close to using the middle finger emoji, but I can't, Godnammit"

Unfortunately Kim didn't specify which foundation she's hunting down. Have you tried an Armani foundation, such as the Face Fabric or Luminous Silk? How did you find it? Or - more importantly - have you ever made an embarrassing spelling mishap in a public forum (or worse, on a CV...)

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