The Kylie lip kit in 'Love Bite' is the exact same shade as an actual hickey

When Kylie Jenner chooses the shade for a new Kylie lip kit, she really goes the extra mile

Kylie lip kit fan Ashley Elizabeth made a startling discovery the other day when examining someone else's hickey. (It's not hers, she swears!) Why it's the same shade of bruise as the lip kit in shade Love Bite. Aww!

We wonder how many love bites Kylie had to give/receive before scientifically deciding on the correct hue?


The new shade was introduced last month, along with the frankly horrid sounding Dirty Peach (although it's actually quite nice) and the possibly on trend Brown Sugar.

Thanks for the lip swatches of Love Bite, Brown Sugar and Dirty Peach @beautywithneesha ? available at

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Via Cosmopolitan

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