Lancome Laque Liner: eyeliner to the power of ten

laque liner

Well, well, well. A new liquid liner from Lancome.

I thought I was happy with the Artliner - and I have to confess it has been a faithful and true friend to me down through the years. When I ran out of my last one though I thought it was time to let myself try out other eyeliners. Live a little. Go mad ya know like.

So I really liked the YSL Quick Liner. I very much liked the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner (unfortunately this one has a bit of a tendency to smudge on me. Usually after about a hundred drinks - but still. That's when a girl needs her eyeliner to stay put goddamnit.)


This Laque Liner, €24.50, is gorgeous. Part of the new Pink Irreverance collection, it draws a line so black and perfectly straight with such ease that it's like every eyeliner I've liked times ten. Even an eejit like me, who slaps her makeup on in about two minutes can put it on perfectly. Even if I do say so myself.

Give it a go if you're a liquid liner fanatic. You'll like - I promise.

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