Lent. Sigh. What Are You Giving Up?

lent. sigh

I read something interesting the other day ahead of the denial-fest that is Lent. Don't give something up, was the gist. No, denial is BAD, its author reckoned. Affirmation is GOOD, so for Lent this year, you might want to actually think about maintaining the biscuit habit and also improving your life by adding something new to the mix.

As this is a fairly hippy sentiment perhaps that could be something like imbibing your own wee, learning macrame or finding your inner eye. Or you could commit to performing the entire Karma Sutra during the 40 days and 40 nights of the Lenten period - y'know, whatever floats your boat.

What are you doing? Is denying yourself the proper Catholic thing to do or do you like the idea of turning the traditional idea of denial into something positive and one that'll net you a new skill or hobby come Easter?


Tell us what you're doing in a comment - g'wan.

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