Let it Rain: We'll Rate Our Favourite Water-Resistant Beauty Products!


#whatthefliuch was the hashtag of choice on Twitter last night as beleagured (and soaked) Dubliners struggled to get from A to B as 90mm of rain fell in one day. Dolphins Barn and Tallaght were under water, The Liffey burst its banks, parts of Kilmainham were evacuated, trains and buses called halt, roads closed left, right and centre and Dundrum Town Centre transformed itself into a large and expensive water feature.

Yeah, it rained.

And we all got bleedin' sat-u-marated in the process.  So this represents a perfect opportunity to discuss our favourite water-proof and water-resistant beauty products.


Got a fave lash flatterer that stands up to biblical showers and Beaches? Perhaps you've got a great base that can survive a super-soaking or a really, really resistant lip stain? Rate 'em here - to the comments!

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