Lip Balm Anonymous: but do we really want to ditch the habit?


Everyone knows that the use of lip balm is an addictive habit.

In the past lots of you have confessed to having five... six... seven...twenty on the go at any one time. In the car, in handbags, in every coat pocket and in the desk drawer at work.

Panic can set in if a situation occurs where no lip balm is available.

Now here's my take. Lip balm moisturises your lips. Without it we'd have dry chapped, cracked bleeding lips - no matter what the nay sayers may have you believe. And lip balm is cheap. Unless you go for the Creme de la Mer and if you do sure you're not on this planet anyway.


So what's the problem? You could have an addiction to gambling, alcohol, drugs - but lipbalm?

Eh. Big deal. Go for it.

Thanks to Rick O'Shea's trusty team for the heads up! Check out the Lip Balm Anonymous website here - proof that people really do have too much time on their hands.


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