Liquid Lipstick: Five To Try, From Essence, Armani, Stargazer, Ellis Faas and Collection

Liquid Lipsticks from Armani, Essence, Ellis Faas, Stargazer, Collection

In lipstick, the bullet has always reigned supreme. But if the success of Rimmel's new Apocalips range is anything to go by (check it out here), then traditional formulas will need to watch out -  liquid lipsticks are set to give them a serious run for their money.

I really like this type of product -  the best liquid lipsticks give a lovely velvety, demi-matte effect that's way less drying than your typical matte lippie. They're not sticky and tend to last well, settling into the lips and fading nicely.

 Liquid Lipsticks from Armani, Essence, Ellis Faas, Stargazer, Collection

Now, a word of warning: if you like a really sharp lip or have lots of fine lines round your mouth, then liquid lipsticks may not be for you - they can feather, and it's trickier to get a precise finish. But if you like the idea of a soft-focus look, give 'em a try - there should be something for everyone in this little line-up, from budget to niche to prestige.

First up, for some guilt-free experimenting, look no further than your nearest Essence stand. They've just released a range of four Stay Matte Lip Creams which are very good indeed. As well as this nude, which you can see in action here, there's a berry, a pink and a red in the range and they're all just €2.49. Can't say fairer than that.

 Liquid Lipstick from Essence, Ellis Faas, Stargazer, Armani, Collection


Swatches L-R: Ellis Faas, Armani, Stargazer, Essence, Collection

Some of the most innovative makeup I own comes from Dutch makeup artist Ellis Faas. Her cruelty-free line is primarily made up of liquid products, inspired by the colours found naturally in the human body. This blood red hue, called Ellis Red, won't be for everyone but I love it's deep dramatic ways. Find it at Harvey Nicks or, for €27.02.

Also at the spendier end of the scale are Giorgio Armani's Lip Maestros, at €26. These are amazingly pigmented lip creams with a soft and velvety texture. They're really lovely - I've bought a few as gifts and I think any fan of full coverage lip colour will get along well with them. This one is #503, Red Fuschia, and it's one of my favourite reds.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 503

Confusingly, the Stargazer number (available from New Look as well as various new-agey places in Temple Bar!) is labelled a gloss, but it's definitely a liquid lipstick. Check out the pigmentation in that swatch! It cost me about €3 and it has some serious staining power, not to mention being a gorgeous vivid pink.

The last one I have to show you today was actually my very first liquid lippie, from Collection, snapped up after Lisa Eldridge raved about it in one of her vids. I ended up buying them by the handful, to add in to Christmas and birthday gifts. This beige toned nude might not be to your liking but there's a pretty coral and a couple of pinks on offer, too, for about €4 a pop. Fill yer boots!


Are you a liquid lippie fan and if so, are there any that you'd recommend? Do share them in the comments!

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