L'Oreal Perfectslim

l'oreal perfect slimWith only a few days to go before our break in the sun with The Men, Kirstie and I went for a little lunchtime trip to our favourite chemist, Hickey’s, to pick up a few essentials. This will only be the first of many such little pre holiday trips though...

I bought some L’Oreal Perfectslim. At 33% off it was only €11.40, down from €16.99, so obviously it would have been a crime to have passed it by. It promises to firm and tone and reduce cellulite. I don’t think it will have a chance to do all that by Saturday, but I’m ever the optimist.

The science: It contains "Glucide captors and draining complex" and the box explains it has a contouring action for a refined silhouette. "Enriched with Par-Elastyl, a powerful firming ingredient, PerfectSlim progressively smoothes and firms the skin".

So there you go.


I feel slimmer already! But I’ll let you know if I notice a difference after the 4 weeks it claims to take to work.

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