Thoughtful gift message from the K Club spa


As a birthday pressie the husband got me a voucher for the spa in the K Club.

"Goodie - but where is the voucher?" I enquired? "Oh it should be here", he said vaguely. "I ordered it online." Naturally I knew then that he'd ordered the voucher on the morning of the birthday. And indeed on perusal of the receipt he'd printed out I saw that it was so. Never mind - that's not the story. Back to the voucher.

I waited and waited but no voucher. He rang up, he rang up again. Lost in the post perhaps said the K Club. They'd send another one out.

Eventually (weeks later) a voucher made its way to my door. I opened it.


Two pieces of information are transcribed upon the voucher in blue biro. One of them is the value of the voucher. The other is the message. The message reads: Goods and services.

Goods and services!?

"Did you tell them to write that??" I asked incredulous. "No I didn't" he said. "What did they put that on it for?"

Search me. But I still haven't used my birthday gift with its thoughtful message.

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