Lovely Long Lashes with L'Oreal?


Anyone whose eyelashes are a bit on the short side of fluttertastic may soon have reason to rejoice if L'Oreal's boffins are on the money with their latest lash breakthrough.

The lads (and ladies) in the L'Oreal labs have developed a serum that extends the life cycle of individual lashes, enabling them to grow to longer lengths before naturally shedding. Prolonging their growing phase also means that there are more eyelashes lining the lid at any one time,  so you get longer and thicker lashes in one foul swoop. The magic potion is a combination of citric acid, arginine, an amino acid, and extracts from Centella asiatica, a Mexican plant.

Women who took part in a three-month scientific study reported that their lashes were, on average, 20% longer and 30% thicker at the end of the trial.


Good news for the owners of the world's shortest or most sparse stumpeens who could soon have a shot at cutivating luscious lashes, because L'Oreal are hoping to market this jelly goodness as a widely-available, not-too-spendy, over-the-counter product - unlike Talika Lipocils, which is hard to come by, Ageless Lashes, which costs €98 Eurobux, and Latisse, which is only available on prescription.

For, er, glaucoma...

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