Why Benefit Licence to Blot is the one product you need to avoid shine this summer

When it comes to skin, shiny is the enemy of dewy. But not to worry, we've found the one makeup product you need to avoid shine this summer.

So many of us battle with shine, be it on our nose, forehead or cheeks. And while powder will always be a great go-to product to avoid shine, if the weather is warm the last thing our skin wants is more makeup layered on top of it. Which is why we're really digging this little gem from Benefit.

benefit the porefessional licence to blot avoid shine

Most people will already know or have tried Benefit's best-selling Porefessional primer (€34) which can be used under or over makeup to smooth and mattify skin. But it's not Porefessional we're talking about today. Instead, we're focusing on the License to Blot blotting stick (€21.50). This travel-friendly stick is designed specifically for targeting oiliness (and is a little less expensive too).


It works especially well when used over areas prone to shine before you powder/set your make-up in the morning. Equally, it performs really well for blotting and targeting oiliness throughout the day too. The triangular tip makes it easy to apply to small areas such as around the nose and cheeks while the flat part makes short work of shine on the T-Zone.

  • Application tip

For anyone who worries about hygiene, if you don't like the idea of applying this directly to oily skin (and potentially having makeup residue left on the stick) we'd suggest using clean fingers to dab the stick. Then, pat the product onto skin, so it doesn't disturb your foundation. A little goes a long way!

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