Mavala Double Cils/double lash: groovy to the max. Hopefully

Here's something kind of interesting.
Mavala, well known to us chemist lovers (am I right in thinking that's everyone who reads as purveyors of cheapie nail products in mini bottles have now expanded into eyes with their Eye Lite range, (Kirstie gave us a heads up recently). Eye makeup removers, mascara, primer and eyecream and lash curlers comprise the range in (sorry Mavala) uninspired blue and white packaging.

Normally products claiming to boost your eyelashes are expensive. From Talika Lipocils (read xgirl's trial here) to prescription products like Latisse, we've found that they do work but you'd need to be forking out a bit of cash for them.

But Mavala offer a budget priced lash lengthening and thickening product that promises to bulk up lashes. Now it's not new ( we first wrote about it way back in 2007) but you couldn't get your paws on it in Ireland. Now you can though and at less than a tenner the temptation to see if it works is huge. And it sounds easy enough - even for lazy me.


It needs to be brushed on at night on clean eyelashes and then after a few weeks lashes should be maxed. Or will they? Reviews on the internet are mixed - some people see fantastic results, some see no difference and even worse some people find it irritates the heck out of their eyes.

I think we should test it for ourselves. I'll give it a go and tell you how I get on.

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