Mammie's Day, 18th March

Yup, it's almost that time o' the year again - the time to celebrate the woman from who's womb you sprang, ready and willing to try out all and any products available. Or maybe that was just me?

Now that you're old enough to buy your own Johnson & Johnson baby oil, it's nice to treat yer mawr (as Evil Nick Cotton might say) to some lovely treats just for her. And because Irish mammies are notoriously selfless and all 'oh don't mind me, sure I'll just sit here in the dark', it's extra good to spoil them on their special day. Men reading - this applies to you too. DO NOT, under pain of death assume that when your Mammy says 'ah no, sure don't be bothering about me', that she means it. She does not. She means 'I raised you and put you through college, and now you have a job earning loadsamoney' - i.e. spend some of it on her.

Perfume is always a good bet, but it's out if that's what you got her for Christmas. You don't want the bang of 'I didn't think about this until yesterday' hanging round you like a wet smelly mop on Mothering Sunday, do you? Petrol Station flowers are nixed for the same reason, as are uninspired boxes of Roses. Thanks? Uh, no thanks.

But a beauty salon voucher for a facial, manicure or pedicure would be a lovely pressie for a Mum who likes to pamper herself, or who has ever expressed an interest in having some pampering me-time. Mammies love nail products and handcreams too, plus high end scented candles and room-scents are always appreciated. What about booking your mum a makeup session at a counter in your local department store and buying her a couple of the products she likes the most?


We'll be providing you with a few ideas for related things to get your mum over the next week, so stay tuned!

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