Mac Marilyn Monroe Collection

Every time I sat down to write this post all I could think of was Marilyn Monroe singing, in her breathless, 'have sex with me' voice, "Happy birthday Mr President" to Michael D Higgins.

CAN YOU IMAGINE!  He would have hardly have reached her cleavage (which may have been a good thing for him) and she could have left her trademark red lipstick kisses all over his bonce - but I just can't see them being a good match apart from that.

The whole collection features everything from lipglasses, nailvarnish, powder, liner, mascara, skinfinish, blush and of course red lipstick.

Boob boob be doop

DazzleGlass €23.50


 Beauty Powder €29.00 

Nail Lacquer €13.50

Lipsticks €19.50


Limited edition, available now

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