Mascara Trials: Diorshow Iconic

diorshow iconic

So, in my week of checking out some of the newest lash-enhancers to hit the market, we've discovered that I was whelmed by L'Oreal Paris Extra-crazy-long-name mascara, and I reckoned No7's Extreme Length was a bit of a find for daywear.

Lets move on to the evening offerings of the species.

Really, I just can't get over my Oscillation habit. I'm on my second now and have never met, courted and fallen in love with a mascara so hard. Ok, I know there was that obsession with Chanel Inimitable a couple of years ago, but ladies, that was merely lust. I was young, foolish. I thought I knew the real thing. I didn't. I can 100% assure you I will be with Oscillation for life* (or until they discontinue it. Or I get bored).

So there anything on the market right now that could challenge the mascara of my heart?


Diorshow Iconic is the latest offering from posh spend Dior, and the packaging alone is enough to have me sighing rapturously and clutching it to my bosom. A silver foil-wrapped wand, this is fancy-out. But, while it's good enough to adorn my evening bag, is it good enough for my lashes?

The plastic-hedgehog wand gives tight control and excellent definition, and that's this mascara's main strength. It can't beat Oscillation on the fat lashes-front, but it does deliver that definition and a nice curl in a pleasingly clump-free fashion. I like it, it's easy to use and there's no back-splash onto my eyelids, which I hate. I'd go so far to say I like this a lot, and if you like posh brands and prefer long, thin, upturned lashes, then this is the boyo for you.

* Of course I reserve the right to change my mind and opionion at will, when something better comes along. Natch. Also, I'll happily say that Inimitible is a feckin' fantastic mascara.

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