Mascara Wardrobe: Wouldya?

mascara wardrobe

At Estee Lauder's recent-ish Christmas press day, I noticed one of the gift products was a set of mini mascaras, designed to accommodate every possible lash-flattering need. Length, curl, separation and volume were all catered for and that got me thinking. We're comfy with the concept of a fragrance wardrobe at this stage I reckon, and the spritzes I spray for evening are markedly different than the ones I choose for day.

I'm also a bit like that with mascara. Ironically, as I've had more and more product at my disposal, I've scaled back on what I use - my base is far lighter than it used to be and I never really do much with my eyes for daytime barring some shadow in the crease, maybe a flick of liner and then a coat or two of a subtle mascara to make me look less mole-like.

It's a different story for night - I have big eyes and I like to play them up. That means lash curlers, volume-tastic goop and as much length and definition as I can possibly lash on there. So yeah, I'm down with the idea, even though of course I know it's a smart marketing move and one that's naturally enough designed to sell more products for a brand.


But hey - I think there's something to it. I've not yet found a universal mascara and I'm betting you haven't either. Later I'll be giving you a look at four wands I think are a good daytime bet, but in the meantime, lets have a poll on the viability of the Mascara Wardrobe, eh?

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