Matching the Carpet to the Pelmet: The Perils of Eyebrow Dyeing

Debbie Harry

Bellasugar's recent poll, Do You Dye Your Eyebrows to Match Your Hair?, sparked a (forcibly repressed) memory with me. A couple of years ago I encountered a bottle blonde with something odd going on: she was quite obviously faux - and of course, that's all grand and fine - but for one thing: she'd dyed her brows to match. And they looked odd. Very odd.

In fact, so sort of orange and weird were they, that I became somewhat transfixed by them. I could not stop staring. They advertised utterly the fakeness of her hair, which I think I'd have overlooked had she left them her natural darker shade. Because we're just not generally used to blondes matching the carpet to the curtains, to use a horrid blokey analogy (should it be the carpet to the pelmet, in this case?), are we? So they really stood out. I mean - would Marilyn Monroe have caved and matched? Would Debbie Harry have complied and lightened? Nah. No way.

Like fashion, I say a firm no to matchy-matchy, and so the moral of the tale is, pimp your hair platinum by all means, but leave the brows to nature.


That's just my tuppence worth though - what do you lot think?

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