Matis Radiance Eye Contour Patches: Arrr, Me Likey

eye patches

Ah I love an auld shortcut, I do, in my beauty endeavours as much as in my driving. So I was a happy bunny indeed when I got hold of a box of Matis stick-on undereye patches, €24.95, which promise to instantly smooth lines and make dark circles walk the plank.

I know - they sound good, right?

Each patch comes pre-loaded with product and they're paired in keep fresh foil packets. You just bung one under each eye, leave on for 20 minutes, and gently remove - the gel texture of the product will hold them in place.


I have to admit to messing about with these a bit - I thought the individual patches were freakin' enormous so I, um, cut them up so as only to need one patch for both eyes. Hey, there's a recession on the rayjo, you know? And despite mutilating them, I found the patches worked really well. My black circles looked significantly faded, my fine lines looked softer, and my eyes felt cooled and refreshed.

Matis say that these can be used once or twice a week or five days on the trot as a treatment. I say they're perfect for a pre-party pick me up (parrot optional) and that's how I'll be using them.

Call (01) 460 5055 for stockists.

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