3 ways to mattify skin and eliminate shine all day long

Mattify skin and eliminate shine. That's the mission. Thankfully, it's a task this writer knows all too well. Here are my top three tips and tricks.

Mattify skin, it always sounds like such a simple task, but anyone who has combination or oily skin knows it can be anything but simple. Sometimes, even oil-free formulas can end up looking patchy or sliding off half way through the day. Similarly, powders don't always do what they promise. It can be frustrating, especially when you've invested in products that talk the talk, but don't walk to walk.

As someone who has had oily and combination skin throughout my life, I now exactly how the trial and error feels. The elation of finding a great product vs one that is a total dud. But the upside of it is, I've been able to put the knowledge towards my work. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Here are my top tips to mattify skin and eliminate shine throughout the day.

Blotting Papers

A popular product on the Japanese and Korean beauty scenes, blotting papers are a cheap and cheerful way to combat shine and mattify skin. They are particularly useful if you don't like the feeling of layers of powder on your skin throughout the day.


Blotting paper doesn't absorb makeup, just oil which means you can do touch-ups easily and quickly at your desk or on the go. Simply keep a couple on hand and dab the areas you're worried about (such a T-Zone or cheeks).

Anti-Shine Gel

Anti-shine gels are something that makeup artists use when working on TV shoots with hi-definition cameras. In these instances, the brief is usually to mattify skin quickly without it looking heavy or made-up. Gel textures are a good option for oily and combination skin because they're lightweight so won't clog pores.

Setting Sprays


Setting sprays have become more popular over the years, and are now available in a variety of different types, from hydrating to mattifying, and everything in between. Traditionally they are used to (as the name suggests) set makeup when it's fully applied. But if you want to supercharge their benefits, try spritzing before foundation, after foundation and finally once you've powdered skin. Do that, and foundation isn't budging!

Do you have any tips for magnifying and eliminating shine?

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