Max Factor Masterpiece Beyond Length Mascara: my makeup mixup


Sorry about the title - any excuse for some gratuitous alliteration. Now I must confess something here that makes me sound a little bit confused... It all happened in dim light... I couldn't see properly...

Lookit, that's my story anyway and I'm sticking to it.

When I opened up a new Beyond Length I saw that it was a double sided mascara of course. I was in a rush to get ready, so without even thinking I presumed one side was a primer and the other the mascara. The primer was a bit odd... not very white. Never mind, I put it on anyway. Then followed up with the mascara.


This is crap I thought. Lashes were sticking together and looking distinctly weedy. Unusual for Max Factor I mused, a la Adrian Mole.

It was the next day that it all began to make sense. The, em, 'primer' side was supposed to be a fabulous lash enhancing silver colour that goes on AFTER the black.

The silver is totally unspectacular - unnoticeable even - although I have since begun to use it properly. There are six colours in all in this range so maybe I'll have better luck with pink or purple.

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