Max Factor CC Cream: Flippin Fantastic. Yes, Really

Well a while back I asked the thought provoking question: have Max Factor gone off?

And it's true, their packaging is so dull and dreary and their prices are much too high - in short a lot of us aren't feeling the love for the brand any more.  In fact it has more than a Bang Of Granny off it.

Undeterred however I took myself off to the chemist to scout out some products to find out what the hell is the story. Max Factor are best known for their foundations and mascaras, so I tested their newest incarnations.  And what did I find?



Oh guys.  I've been trying out about a ZILLION BB Creams and CC Creams lately in an effort to find the right one.  Well this is it.

Yes, Max Factor CC Cream (€15.25) is the absolute shizz.  This light to medium coverage base really imparts a glow and makes skin look brighter.  Use a concealer under your eyes and to cover any blemishes and you're away.

Have you tried this or any other CC Creams?  What did you think?

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