Mmm Hmmm: Trilogy Rosehip Oil


I've been DYING to write about this for a while but as Trilogy were in the middle of seeking wider distribution in Ireland (previously the brand was only available in selected health-food and natural stores), I reluctantly put it on the long finger. Distribution has just come on stream with the Unicare pharmacy chain, so I thought I'd give you a teaser of their Rosehip Oil now that lots and lots of you are able to easily get your paws on a bottle.

It's not a new product to and I know some of you love it already: this is a cult buy that's worth the cash. Nourishing, organic, hydrating and skin-soothing, it's a treat dry and sensitive skins will adore. Sebum-prone types can use too, because oils are great for balancing skin. I'm on my third bottle and have been literally lashing it on all summer long. LOVING IT.

Two-to-three drops into the palm of the hand massaged in with fingertips is enough, meaning a bottle lasts a good amount of time - but it's not wildly expensive in any case. A 45ml bottle is about €43, and a 20ml bottle is around €22. Both last. And last.


In fact, there's really only one thing I'd change about this.  I'd like it to be scented - I know, of course, why it's not - but that's a purely personal thing cos I like my face products to be fragrant, like Eve Taylor's lovely facial oil, or Liz Earle's Superskin Concentrate. In no way is it a deal breaker though, and I'll be using this for a long time yet, I predict.

Right now you can buy at Nourish (including their new Liffey Street beauty store) and online at LoveLula.

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