More Pressies for La Feile Mammy

pressies for mammy

Yesterday we took a look at some nice treats for Mammy, and the general consensus among you selfish wagons was that you'd like the Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry Palette for yourselves - poor auld mammy.


So today, are you coveting, from left to right, the latest fragrance from Jo Malone, White Jasmine & Mint? From about €50, this is one my my fave daytime scents. It's yum, light and fresh. Next up is a lovely Holistic Silk pillowcase and eyemask from Seagreen, in Monkstown. The pillowcase is €63, the eyemask €49. But they're silk, gals! Lastly, take a visit to and check out the fab ones Ireland has to offer. After that, it's a simple matter of contacting the spa in question and booking yer maw in for some pampering!

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