Murine Eye Drops for Contact Lens Wearers: Ahhh, That's Better


There's little point in slaving over a hot eyeshadow palette to create the perfect smoky eye or carefully wielding an eyeliner pen for ages to get the flicky-out cat's eye bit just right if you're going to spend all night rubbing your peepers and, as a result, moving your lovely make-up around, while trying to get your contact lenses to sit comfortably.

Welcome to my life of a Friday or Saturday evening - although I wear specs all day every day during the week for work, I always whack in some contacts at the weekend to mix things up a bit. Yeh, I'm crazy like that. However, as all contact lens wearers will know, there are times when the universe just does not want those pesky lenses to be comfy against your eyeballs, regardless of how well-rested and fine and dandy they might feel.

I've tried Blinc eye drops for contact-o wearers before (because you can't just bung any old drops into lens-wearing eyes, y'know) and not been overly impressed by them - any relief felt was very temporary, only lasting while I was blinking the drops around my eyes. Hmph. These Murine Wet & Clean Contact Lens Eye Drops are different. They really, really work. And they don't just refresh, re-wet, lubricate and moisten lenses and eyes: they also keep lenses clear of build-ups of the protein, fat, and atmospheric particles which can cause discomfort, irritation and fogginess.


Hugely enthusiastic thumbs up.

€6.45 for 10ml from pharmacies nationwide.

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