Must-have Tools: The Pointed Tweezers


They're not something that you should be using on a juddering train if you're at all attached to your unpunctured eyeballs, but if you like to precision pluck your brows, find that you need to remove a lot of splinters, or enjoy poking around at ingrown hairs while on terra firma then you should definitely have a pair of pointed tweezers in your arsenal.

The tips of these tweezers are tapered to a needle-sharp point, which means you can hone in on just one pesky stray hair, even if it's just a super-fine, wee short scut of a thing. It also means that you need to make sure that the tips are aligned perfectly on purchase, and be careful not to drop it in sinks or on tiled floors or the like as this could cause the tips to move out of place.


My pointed tweezer of choice is the Tweezerman version, which is about €16 and which I prefer even to their widely famed and much lauded slant tweezer. (Sacraligious or wha'?)

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