Why has this bronzer literally changed our lives?

The product we had to tell you about

I discovered this beauty during the summer last year when the makeup artist put it on me for my sister's wedding. It has literally changed my life! I am now a more brown, less orange version of myself. I have sculpted cheekbones almost every day and I am not caked in a multitude of concealers and powders to look that way.

This looks like it's just another bronzer but it's actually a very special bronzer for a few reasons. Firstly, the colour; it is a perfect shade of brown, there is no orange or yellow or red undertone to it. It is just a lovely shade of brown and looks like a natural tan should. Secondly, the texture: it is matte and has very fine particles so it blends onto your skin beautifully. The colour suits a wide range of skin tones from pale to sallow. You just use less product the paler you are. Thirdly, the shading it gives is second to none. It creates a shadow beneath your cheekbones that make them stand to attention and look perfectly angular.

  • Application

Contouring is taken too far, too often at the moment. This bronzer does the contouring job all by itself. Yes, a nice foundation base will set it off but it gets rid of the need for sculpting a whole new face shape with different colours. I wear it every day with any makeup look. A little pro tip is to mix it with your usual setting powder if you just want a light application. Then apply a little more when you are wearing tan or heading out at night.

Apply this under your cheekbones and around your forehead, keeping to the hairline. If you want to contour and shape your nose (me, please!) it works well applied lightly at the sides of the nose to slim it down.

This one is a little on the pricey side but it has strong pigment in it so you only need to use very little. I've had mine for six months and I'm not even half way through it. Happy bronzing!

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