Nadur Detox Box

Loving it, loving it, loving it.

Their slogan advises us to be pure, be natural and be gorgeous. And the quality of the products and the ingredients sure live up to this promise. I'm a sucker for detox products - I love them. I was thrilled with this one.

First things first: the packaging is gorgeous. In fact it's so nice I didn't want to open the pretty little ribbon and actually use the contents. But in the end, tired and cranky after a day in which nothing had gone my way and I had ended up eating a huge slice of chocolate cake in the Avoca Cafe, I could resist the lure of the Detox Box no longer.

I ran a hot bath, lit the organic candle and put the seaweed sachet in the water to soak. After ten minutes it releases a gel and it's time for you to rub the sachet into your skin to get the full benefit of the detoxifying nutrients. Sounds a bit strange doesn't it?. But when you do it yourself, it all makes perfect sense! You then add up to ten drops of the delicous smelling essential oil blend to the bathwater. Then...relax! You're surrounded by delicious fragrances steaming up from the water and filling the air from the candle. Truely a sublime experience. You get four seaweed sachets in the box so I have three more such experiences to look forward too - goodie!


If there's one aspect of the whole experience I would improve on - it's that I wanted more stuff! I wanted a Nadur body lotion in the box to complete the treat.

There's also a pretty pink Pamper Box in the range (which Kirstie spirited away, feck her). Boxes cost €26.99 plus postage. A fab Christmas present for any bathing beauty and someone who is into pure, organic goodies will be be over the moon! The boxes look gorgeous, they smell divine and they combine to make one of the most luxurious bathing experiences you've ever had. And they're Irish - what more could you want?

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