Nail Art: Yay or Nay?

We've seen a steady resurgence of interest in all things talontastic in the last while. From sell-out Chanel shades to metallic Minx and the half-moon mani to the reverse French, it's been all go on the nail front.

A relatively new development is the increasing popularity of nail art. Konad, a nail stamping kit that allows users to DIY intricate designs across the nail plate, has garnered a massive following across the pond and is catching on here too. Embellishments like the rhinestones and, er, chains seen at J. Maskrey's London show are back with a bang, brought to a wider consciousness thanks in no small part to Lady Ga Ga's mad manis and Katy Perry's penchant for blingtastic fingertips. And, in news even I never wanted to hear, nail piercings (yes. For realz) are hot again. Bleurgh.


So tell me - do you think nail art is totally tacky? Can it ever be done tastefully? And is it even worth the effort?

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