Nars Spring Collection 2012: First Look & Pictures

nars ss12 look

Hurrah! On the press materials for Nars' February 1st launching Spring 2012 collection, I was pleased to note that Francois Nars says "I never pay attention to rules like, "No matte makeup in warm weather." Matte is perfectly appropriate for spring, especially in a strong berry shade. In fact, it's the perfect transitional color and texture to bridge winter and summer." Ha, take that, rules.

nars ss12 range shot

Here's the lot, and once again, Francois knocks it out of the park with a lineup that's not following or apeing anything else.  He says the collection is unique and apart because "at first glance, all the pinks and shimmer can look very sweet and innocent, but actually there is a lot of bold and contrasting color – a gray-lavender eyeshadow, a navy blue Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, a hot pink lip color, for example – that makes the collection edgier and more sophisticated than it may seem." Yeah - check the model shot above, it's steamin' hot.

Lets break down the products individually:

nars douce france

This is the Douce France Trio Eyeshadow, €42, and it's limited edition. Three pinks in a shimmery icy pink, shimmery rose-petal pink and matte deep rose can be worn solo or use one as a base, another to highlight and the third as a liner or contour.

nars ss12 Paramaribo

Paramaribo Duo Eyeshadow, €34, contains shades of brass and bronze. This is a limited edition product too, by the way.

nars lhasa eyeshadow spring 2012


Lhasa Single Eyeshadow, €24, is a shimmery lavender-gray. I think I must own this one. Oh yes.

nars Dark Rite Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

Love the shade of the Dark Rite Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, €22. Longwear capabilities make this versatile: use as a base for layering with powder shadow, or to line the eye.

nars blush

You'll be like Maureen Potter with Gaiety Blush, €29! "A bright candy-pink Blush that's as cheerful as the state of joyful exuberance for which it's named." Or, er, a Dublin theatre where we all went to the Christmas panto. One or the other, Francois.

nars ss12 lips

There's lots to like for lips: Valparaiso Pure Matte Lipstick, €26, Mexican Rose Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil, €25, and  Bilbao Lipstick, €25, are all en route. Love the look of the first two in particular.

nars diamond life nail polish ss12

And lastly, there's Diamond Life Nail Polish, €18, another limited edition.


So ladies, what do you think of Nars SS12? Will you be saving for anything in particular?

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