NEW! Armani Bright Ribbon Collection: Luscious Summer Colour

A lot of lovely products pass through Beaut Towers, but every now and then, something special arrives. Special products deserve special attention, and these lovelies are really worth a look.


Lips this summer have been all about vibrant colour, and we've seen a resurgence of the '90s trend for matching nails and lips - which you may or may not like. However, this collection features sumptuous colours and a pick n' mix feel that makes me think of very, very glamorous confectionary.

The collection consists of six corresponding lip and nail colours, all in shades inspired by Mediterranean gardens; in other words, beautiful summer brights.


This fun collection can be worn by pairing matching lip and nail shades, or by choosing an opposing lip and nail shade to create an eye-catching clash of colours!


The Rouge D'Armani Sheer Lipsticks are particularly glorious. With a buttery, blamy texture that is genuinely moisturising and a wash of sheer but very visible colour, they allow you to wear Summer brights in a way that isn't fussy or demanding of maintenance. That's exactly what I want in day makeup when I feel like wearing colour!

The Nail Lacquer is also particularly beautiful. With a wet, look, obscenely shiny finish in six colours that literally look good enough to eat, this is a real winner.

You can see what I think is the standout shade - no. 504 Violet Fonce - on my nails below. I love it!


Now for the bad bit - price. Armani ain't the most accessibly priced brand out there. The Rouge D'Armani Sheers Lipsticks will set you back 28 Euro and the Nail Lacquers can be yours for 24 Euro. Which is frigging expensive. But they're so pretty!


Thoughts? Do you hate the matching/clashing concept? Or are you frightened of bright lip and nail colours? To the comments!

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