New Edition Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks: Sure it's Moisturising but is there a Bang of Granny from these Bullets?

So, you want to rock the granny look but you're too timid to go hell for leather with a purple rinse? Fear not! We have the product for you, Body Shop's Colour Crush Lipstick.

OK, that sounds harsh, (and there are some Body Shop products that we love) but there's just no place for pot pourri smelling, weakly coloured, iridescent lipsticks in my make-up bag. Maybe it's just me, I'll just always be more a fan of block, matte colours, and I do look for lipsticks that keep my smackers from drying out.

Shades 245,140 Shades 245,140

There are a batch of new shades (from reds to pinks) to be added to the current range of 24 Colour Crush lipsticks from July 31st.

First, the good news: The Body Shop's lipsticks are 100% cruelty free and 100% vegetarian, so if those points on your purchasing checklist, this is a plus.

However these also claim to be 100% high impact but that, I'm afraid, is just not true.

Shades 140, 245 Shades 140, 245

Intense, bright, full-on colour, these are not. But they are nice and soft on my lips. No brightly coloured lipstick is worth your money if it dries your lips within an inch of your life, gathering at the sides and aging your overall look. So on that front, these aren't too bad.

But the thing is, if I was after something purely to moisturise my lips, I'd probably just opt for a lip balm. If I'm going to bother wearing a lipstick at all, I want decent colour, first and foremost.

Shades 245,140 Shades 245,140

If there's a market out there of women under a certain vintage who happen to be fans of pearly, shimmery shades, these might be more up your street. Today I've tried both shades photographed here but have failed to be impressed by either. For €12.95 each, I'd expect more pigment payoff.

Shade 140 Shade 140

Over to you - matte, block colour or pearly iridescents? Does this lipstick age me? Don't worry, I won't be offended if you agree.

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