New & Exciting from CND: Shellac UV Colour Coat

There's been a massive buzz around the Interweb for the last few months about a fancy schmancy innovation from Creative Nail Design that was to be launched in Summer 2010. Finally, the long wait is over and I can tell you aaaaall about Shellac since it's rolling out now!

What it is:
A long-wear hybrid nail colour that's applied in salon, Shellac has the ease of application of a bog standard nail varnish but wears like a gel. It's cured under a UV lamp so there's zero downtime, and zero chance of smudging as you carefully try to get your coat on or take out your Laser card post manicure. You can expect to get 14 days of high-shine, chip-free colour out of a single application.

How it works:
Shellac looks for all the world like normal nail varnish. It even comes in normal nail varnish-stylee bottles with screw on lids and their own brushes. The application process isn't too different from a normal manicure, either: a base coat, two coats of colour, and top coat are applied, with nails being cured under a UV lamp between coats.

How it's different:
Well, it's obviously different to nail varnish because of its extended wear time. However, it's also different to other so-called everlasting or 3-week or soak-off soft sculpt manicures, where colour is applied to the nails from pots using a sculpting brush. Shellac is applied just like a nail varnish, using the integrated brush in the bottle. The consistency of Shellac is creamy and fluid, compared to the thick gel used for soft sculpt manicures, so it's easier to work with - and looks far thinner on the nail, like nail varnish.


Removal time is also quicker (10 minutes versus 30 minutes for the soft sculpt manis) and there is no requirement for the colour to be buffed off as it's removed, using special remover-soaked wraps that are an integral part of the system.

There are currently 12 Shellac shades to choose from, all of which are 3 Free, but more colour additions are promised for the line in the near future.

Shellac is now available in selected locations like Mandala Spa on Dawson Street in Dublin, and will roll out nationwide from 1st May, costing around €30. Call Creative Academy & Spa on 01 429 5122 to find a Shellac salon near you, and find out a little more about Shellac on their website.

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