Meet the new foundation that promises radiance AND long-wear

Oh, and this new foundation has SPF 30, too.

I have been wearing this new foundation from Max Factor for just under a week. I have been trying to wear less makeup (or, maybe that should be less heavy makeup) but I couldn't ignore the claims made by Max Factor. They say the Radiant Lift foundation "refreshes tired-looking skin with a natural, healthy glow that lasts all day" - and that just so happens to be exactly what I need.

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I haven't worn Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in months now, and maybe I won't ever again. My skin is red and oily and dehydrated and ageing, but I'm so over the cover it all up mentality. I've learned that there are ways to improve the look of skin without trowelling on the slap. I mean, most of my tricks still involve the slap, but not as much of it.

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But back to the Max Factor Radiant Lift. It comes in 18 shades which is quite good (although I've come across complaints about the darker shade range) AND it contains SPF30. A major selling point for me, however, is that it's formulated with hyaluronic acid (that apparently increases hydration by 53%). So, is that how it gives this 'healthy glow'? How can it last, then?


Max Factor

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation €19.99

I don't know how it lasts, but lasts it does. It is one of the longest lasting foundations I've worn in AGES, in fact. I wore it today without any powder whatsoever and it's still on. Usually, wearing any foundation without powder is face-melt inducing after a while, but I think the effect is more dewy than oily. However, I recommend only powdering the parts of your face where you really need it; I use on very oily areas, like around my nose and my forehead. It can start to look chalky if you powder the entire face. It also can look quite blank. It doesn't necessarily need contouring, but some bronzer and highlighter are definitely needed.

I applied with a stippling brush and it looked pretty smooth, but I blurred it out even more with a spritz of setting spray and a sponge. I actually haven't been using an undereye concealer with this foundation, I use the foundation and then some Touche Eclat and it seems to deflect the darkness pretty well. I've read reports of this drying matte or settling into fine lines, so I'm guessing it's a foundation that is best suited to oily skin.


I haven't been this impressed with a foundation in ages. My sister has already bought one because she saw the evidence and liked what she saw. For me, it really did give a dewy effect while lasting for hours, which is exactly what it says on the bottle.

Are you in the market for a new foundation? Does this sound like something you'd like to try?

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