Incoming from Benefit: Bathina Take A Picture... It Lasts Longer!

bathina take a picture

I've been looking forward to trying Benefit's new solid body balm for months now, since it was released in the US. Bathina Take a picture... It Lasts Longer!, €33.50, is the one in the red tin with a girl on the front playing croquet with her be-shorted arse in the air, and is billed as a silky, shimmering, glimmering body balm for use on legs and body when you want a golden-pink sheen.

Now, I was expecting this to smell gorgeous. It does, delivering a really light sweet but not sickly scent. I was expecting it to leave a sexy glow on skin. It does, to some extent, but I found that I needed to use quite a bit to get some payoff in terms of sheen. And it is a very subtle sheen rather than full-on shimmer, although in some light you can see a very modest hint of a golden sparkle.

I was expecting it to leave skin feeling moisturised. Um, not so much. It does give skin a slight softness and smoothness when applied, but that really doesn't last and it certainly wouldn't take the place of a regular body moisturiser in my (admittedly haphazard) routine.


Find it on-counter from June, or online from Benefit's US site now*.

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