New from REN - Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish


Oh REN, why must you tempt me so? The Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash and Body Oil were already on my wishlist and now they've been joined by this delicious sugar scrub. Formulated with rose extract (and not just any rose extract, but Fair Trade rose extract from Morocco) and sugar, it also contains active ingredients such as kola nut and Paraguay Tea extracts to help stimulate circulation and nourish the skin.


Apply this scrub to dry or slightly damp skin before showering or bathing to sweep off dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth, soft and beautfully scented. Priced at £30 on the REN website, this is definitely a splurge item, but perhaps if I compare the cost of all three Moroccan Rose Otto products with the cost of one spa treatment, I can begin to justify it to myself...

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