No Scream Cream: take the sting out of waxing

no scream cream.jpgNo Scream Cream (genuis name!) is a topical preparation that considerably lessens sensitivity in the area of application.
What this means to you and me is that it's a cream that comes in a tube, you slap in on to the "area" about to be waxed and in 35 to 40 minutes the area will be numbed sufficently to make painful waxing a thing of the past. 80% less pain they promise! Simply Relax and Wax..,

Be it ladygarden, legs, or eyebrows, there should be considerably less suffering as the hairs are ripped out of their folicles. Mama Mia, the things we will endure. And pay to have done to us what's more!


If you like the sound of this, it costs €19.95 and is available from salons nationwide - to find one near you, ring 1890 564 040.

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