NYX Available in Ireland at Urban Outfitters


While I'd already heard a whisper, Kezia mentioned it in the Blather and then Makeup by Nadia confirmed it: cult brand NYX has been spotted at Urban Outfitters! In town this AM for a couple of meetings, I swung by the Temple Bar shop on the way home to see what was available.

In store for a few weeks now, the edit is tiny compared to what's available in the full NYX line: I picked up two glitter palettes, two eye pencils and a black label lipstick. That was the entire product range they were carrying, but I asked an assistant and she said they'll be getting more in, so keep an eye out.

As you'd probably expect, NYX is incredibly overpriced here compared to what you'd pay online or through Flair, who distribute it to trade and professionals in Ireland (read this post for information on that aspect of its availability). I handed over €13 for a black label lipstick in ruby - compare that to the $6 I paid from Cherry Culture for some before Christmas and it's all a bit ouch. It's also around twice what you'd pay through Flair but do bare in mind they sell at trade prices.

Still, if you really want to get your paws on the brand, here's what I bought and my initial thoughts.

NYX glitter palettes

Two colourways of Glitter Cream Pallets were available. Note to NYX: this is not how you spell palette. These were €11 each and contain five shades each. Packaging is cheap-o and I really just got these for the blog, for snap 'n display purposes. I reckoned the glitter would be in a jelly base and be crap and sheer. Then I actually opened them and swatched them. Oh. Bit more impressed now.

ocean breeze

This is the Ocean Breeze Pallet (ugh). PALETTE.

close up

closer look at the sparkle.

NYX glitter swatches

These are super-quick swatches packed on with the sponge-tip applicator which came with the palette. I can't give any sort of review yet how these will perform in wear, but I can confirm that the glitter is really densely packed. I do think the quality seems to vary a bit between shades however. Still for €11, it's interesting and I can see how this could be a really good addition to a kit for occasional use.



This is One Night In Luxy and I'd almost describe some of the glitters here as sequinned. This is my preference out of the two - you could use these with a smokey eye quite happily. Again, for €11, not a bad pick at all.


Closer look at some of the shades.


Again, very quick swatches and these seemed to be better and more uniform in consistency than the Ocean Breeze glitters. That gold is great! My enthusiasm for these could well fall down around my arse when I actually use them on my face, so be warned.

eye pencils

Next up, two eye/eyebrow pencils in purple and emerald city which were €8 each. Pricey, eh? And who ever wanted purple or green brows? Urban Outfitters had festooned these in huge white sales tags and sellotape so now they're all messy and grimy looking. I hate this - I know why shops do it, but I still reserve the right to hate it and at €8 for a pharmacy brand pencil, I think I'm entitled. And no, no jumbo pencils were available, I checked! These are really disappointing in use:


I'm not even gonna bother trying these on my eyes. The green is chalky, dry and a dull, boring colour that could definitely do with a little shimmer to give it a kick. The purple is equally disappointing. Wishy-washy or what?

NYX lipstick

Last up is a black label lipstick in ruby. I have three of these already and called them as a budget dupe for YSL's Rouge Volupte. They don't quite manage the depth of colour and cushiony feel, but for the price they're a bloody good bet. This, on a swatch, seems to have the same colour payoff and creamy consistency as my existing trio and it's a me kinda shade so it's a safe bet. Again, €13 is expensive for these, but they are lovely lipsticks. From what I can recall all that was on offer was this colour or one other, a deep, deep burgundy, black cherry.


NYX swatch

So, there ends my NYX adventures for today - will you be heading to an Urban Outfitters in search of the brand?

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