OMG, Penneys is doing €15 hair styles in its Mary Street store!

Bow down to Penneys, it's fast becoming a one-stop shop for fashion and beauty

Penneys' Mary Street store is hosting the PS... x Glissed pop-up salon from February 3rd, for three months only. The salon will be offering fast 'n' fabulous beauty services so you can pick up yer bits and get a pampering at the same time. Services offered will include dry styles for only €15, €20 makeup application and €5 lash and liner (including the cost of the lashes!).

penneys ps x glissed

Just image, get your Penneys haul, get your hair and makeup done, and then go straight out on the town. Genius!


For now, it's a three-month pop-up but here's hoping this will be just the start of a beautiful relationship. Shopping and pampering combined - at such good prices. What more would you want?!

Actually, that's a good question. What more would you want from a Penneys? Let us know in the comments!


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