One guy... two cans... and a whoooooole lot of women. Well, allegedly.


Lynx ads would have us believe that the kind of man who wears Lynx is quite likely to be made out of chocolate. In my experience, though, Lynx lovers tend to be slightly less edible: more along the lines of 15-year old lads hoping to strike it lucky at the GAA dishco or fellas with a 100-a-day fag habit. You'd be disinclined to take a bite out of either and can usually smell them loooong before you see them!

However, it seems that Lynx felt you couldn't smell its users for long enough after they'd departed your company. So now they've come up with Lynx3, dual cans of longer-lasting deoderant bodysprays that can be used individually or combined to make a bespoke third fragrance that'll have girls falling over themselves to get away closer.

Longer-lasting Lynx? Gee, wonderful, cheers for that lads. And you just know that the gimmicky "Mix It Up" element will have the stuff selling like hot cakes.



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