Oops: Falling Off The Threading Wagon


On the sporadic occasions when I used to get my eyebrows threaded in the past - and no matter how deliriously happy I am with the job done and the resulting shape - my express intention is to simply maintain the threaded shape myself at home by tweezing any errant hairs.

However, I committed myself to a more long-term threading relationship with Libby in Elysian Brows before going on holidays. I let the brows grow for a full fortnight before my first appointment, and then didn't touch them - at all - for almost an entire three weeks until my next threading appointment rocked around.

I was all set to keep up this routine for the sake of a pair uber-groomed brows:  after just two visits, the overall shape was immensely improved, the position of my arch had been tweaked, and, well it was just difficult to say "no" to those super clean defined edges.


Or so I thought.

An impromptu night out two weeks in to my next growth cycle, though, had me reconsidering and ultimately I had to reach for the tweezers. My hair is naturally mid-brown, but my eyebrows are pretty much jet black and regrowth stands out a mile against my fair skin - it only takes one or two hairs to make things look decidedly untidy. If I ever want to be able to show my face in polite company again without scheduling outings weeks in advance, it seems that regular threading is not going to be the way to go!

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