Palettes Without Brushes - What's Your Solution?

I shouldn't be surprised to find a brush in a new eyeshadow palette but when I do I am. It's probably because most palettes I own are on the budget side of things and they tend not to include brushes and honestly, if they do, they're usually pretty crap.


The question is, what do you do when there isn't a brush section in your palette? It's fine when it's just sitting on your dressing table and you have pencil cases full of brushes at your disposal but how about when you want to pop your dinky little brush-less palette in your going out bag because it's 'so handy'? Use your finger? Wrap one up in tissue paper and hope it doesn't disintegrate as the night goes on?

Many brushes come in their own little plastic pack but you know as well as we do how easily these tend to tear and fall apart. Especially when you're prone to whipping your cosmetics from bag to bag and table to floor (accidentally.)


What's your solution to the brush-less eyeshadow palette dilemma? Have you a genius method that you would be willing to share. Please do!

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