The beauty products to replace every 6 - 12 months

Earlier this week I wrote about the products that you should really think about (actually, just do it!) throw away after two - three months. I'm sure some of you were surprised by the expiration dates.

Moving on, these are the products you need to replace every 6 - 12 months.

  • Liquid Foundation



  • Liquid Concealer 



  • Acne Creams and Face Washes




  • Eye Cream 




  • Serum

Olay Serum


If you have had these guys in your bathroom for longer than 12 months, it's time for a summer clear out.  Personally, I go through face wash and foundation like they are going out of fashion, they would never last that long in my life!


Which of these products have you had lying around for years because you have been keeping it for "Special Occasions?"

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