Paul Costelloe Opens London Fashion Week & Beauty's by Bourjois

paul costelloe

Yep, we might be plunged into the depths of depressin' recession at the moment but there have been two pretty deadly things that have happened this weekend to brighten things up a little: Ireland unexpectedly kicked Australia's arse at the rugby and Irish designer Paul Costelloe opened London Fashion Week at 9am on Friday morning with a candy collection that's pleased the critics.

Rosemary MacCabe over at the Irish Times praised it as "a distinctly girly take on aristocratic holidaymaking, all frou frou shapes and sweet saccharine shades." The clothes were of course ably accented by the beauty, with makeup created by Attracta Courtney for Bourjois and nails by Butter London.

paul costelloe's got the gen on the makeup, and it's one of the nicest looks we've seen coming down the catwalks so far. New York's generally got a restrained, big city cool, but London's more fun. Paul's show definitely had that - and so did the eyes in particular.

"The look is about timeless innocence with a young, fun twist so the look should be fresh and glowing with the curve of azure blue colour on eyes to give it a modern edge,” said Attracta Courtney,  adding, "I decided on a look that was doll-like with a pop of colour so it would be confident and feminine but still playful and modern. It’s the way you imagine chic Parisian girls on holiday in St Tropez to look."


I'm really liking the fact Paul Costelloe went for a mid-priced brand. It taps into how we feel here about spending at the moment and proves you can create directional looks on an achievable budget.

face chart


So, what did she use, and how can you do it at home?

  • SKIN: Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, €15.99. “The skin should have a dewy freshness with Bourjois’ newest foundation. A flush of pink on the apples of the cheeks and highlighter on temples will complete a youthful glow," says Attracta. Look for this new base in Boots in around a week's time
  • EYES: Metallisse eyeliner pencil, €7.99. “Make the pop of colour on eyes look urban and edgy using a semi-circle shape. Accentuate it by extending just over the socket line, using a metallic eyeliner for extra precision.” From the face chart, it also appears that one of the Little Round Pot eyeshadows was also used. A quick scoot about the Bourjois website seems to indicate that it's not one of the new Intense versions, but the reformulated regular versions in a turquoise shade
  • EYES: Volume Glamour Max mascara, price TBC, to be launched in November. "To enhance the doll-like quality of the look, mascara should be thick and spidery on top and bottom lashes, focusing on the middle, with a super fine black line along the lashes to add definition and divide it from the colour.”
  • LIPS: Sweet Kiss Lipstick in Rose Cachemire, €11.99. “Contrast eyes by adding just a flush of creamy, silk pink lipstick for a healthy, summer feel.” This is a new Sweet Kiss shade
  • CHEEKS:  The pink on the cheeks was Bourjois Blush in Cendre des roses Brune, €9.99

So, do you like?

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