Pepperminty and Perfect: Ren Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm


I think we're going a bit Ren mad on this week. First there was xgirl with her Morrocan Rose Otto Body Polish and now I'm in love with this scrub too.

About a week after coming home from holiday I was as patchy as a scruffy lizard. The fake tan I did before I went away and the gradual tanners I slapped on while I was there to keep the colour topped up had somehow all blended seamlessly - for a while. But now everything was reverting to wilderness and it needed a serious scrubbing.

REN Guerande is a gorgeous scrub - and we have a bit of a thing for salt scrubs so we've tried out a few in our time. (And so have you - have a look at this post where you rated your faves). This is salon quality and smells fantastic - oh so pepperminty and refreshing. Because it's a balm the texture is smooth and moisturising


No longer did I look like a dirty streel and it also went a ways towards scrubbing out ingrown hair on the legs.

This is Perfect with a capital P for summer

The price is €33 (or£19.50 online)- but trust me this will last and last, because you get a massive tub (330ml) for your money.

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