Poll: Do You Have an iPhone, iPad or a Smartphone?

i wonder

You know we never like to sit still at Beaut.ie and we're kinda sorta gadget freaks too - I cannot function without my Blackberry, my Nikon DSLR, my two Mac laptops and as of this weekend, my iPad (yay!).

This of course makes me think about all the scrummy things that may be possible to beaut.iefy for new and fancy gadgets, so we're wondering how many of you burds have a smartphone, like a Blackberry, iPhone or Android? Or perhaps you've got an iTouch on which you browse the web and use apps? And have any of you invested in an iPad so far? If not, do you intend to at some point?

Take the poll below (select all options that apply) and leave us your comments - we'll be filing them away for future use ... oh yes we will.


[polldaddy poll="3520475"]

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