Poll: Crazy in Love with Beyonce's New Crop? We are!

Oh my God, Beyonce's got a new haircut! Why does this excite me so much? I don't know BUT IT DOES!



Bey chopped her mop and Instagrammed these lovely open-mouthed snaps on Wednesday last, and the internet was immediately abuzz with everyones reaction, so as a veteran of short hair, I thought it was high time I weighed in:

Drumroll please.

IT LOOKS AMAZING! I love the slightly grown out length of this pixie cut, I love the blond, I LOVE the pose she's doing in that second picture. (And hereby resolve to make that my signature pose.) Mrs. Carter is joining a proud tradition of bleached and cropped ladies; Mia Farrow, Michelle Williams... Shirley from Eastenders.



I may be SLIGHTLY biased here, because Beyonce's new do isn't a million miles from my own. (I wonder if she goes to Style Club North Earl Street too!?)

Beys done an amazing two-in-one deal here, she's gone short AND blond on the same day. It's a pretty mahoosive change of pace for her, short hair really leaves you with nowhere to hide. Some days I'd sell my granny for some flowing locks just to take the emphasis off my face. Then again, with a face like Beyonce, you've got very little to worry about!

So what do you think of Beyonce's new style?



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