POLL: Do you sleep naked?

When Richard Maderly admitted last night that not only did he sleep naked but Judy did too - there were many chortles

Why?  Because even though they're married and can obviously have sex whenever they like actually admitting that you sleep naked is another thing entirely.  It implies that you're ready to go at a moments notice, that nothing stands between you and the oul fornication and that you're AT IT all the time.

Which to be honest is a little unsettling when applied to Richard and Judy.

I also don't believe you can get a good nights sleep in any kind of "sexy" night time wear.  The nylon is sweaty, straps dig in and it's all usually so uncomfortable.  Also sleeping naked is out for me because of this reason: what if there were a fire?


But what about you?  Down with the whole sleepin nekkid thing or not - take the poll!

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