POLL: I'm addicted to you but I know that you're toxic. Chemicals in products - how concerned are you?

It's like that saying about "alternative medicine." You know the one? If it works then it's just called "medicine."

That's the problem with a lot of "natural" cosmetics and skincare. They're often not as good or effective as the regular kind - especially when it comes to make up.

Well that's just what I think - but I know there will be huge disagreement with me about this.

Either you honestly don't care (me mostly) about chemicals in your haircare or skincare, or it really really matters and you will only pick products that are all natural and free from parabens, silicones, SLS, additives and preservatives. Sometimes hysteria seems to take over and puts an ingredient on the dangerous list for unproven reasons (read this great review on parabens to get a neutral view of this issue). So many things are potential carcinogens - including many of the foods we eat, like that toast you've overdone or a chargrilled steak.

It all boils down to the fact that, in a lot of cases we don't really know what long term action a lot of chemicals have in the body. Does deodorant cause breast cancer?  Do dark hair dyes cause cancer?  No one actually knows for sure.  (Read: the dangers of synthetic preservatives in cosmetics)


Maybe you've no choice: you might have sensitive skin and find anything loaded with chemicals brings you out in a rash, or worse, so you have to avoid.  Perhaps you have very valid health concerns and spend your time checking out the Skindeep website for any potential nasties before you make a purchase. Bear in mind though, before you scare the life out of yourself, that Skindeep is a US website and some of the chemicals that are banned in the EU are still available to American consumers.

So over to you.  Where do you stand on this issue?

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