Poll Results: You've Been Tangoed!

We asked you who was the most mahogany celeb and you answered in your droves. But as we can clearly see from the image below, the results seem a little bit...fixed, shall I say.

celeb tans


27% of you reckoned that Ireland's Top Model of Extreme Surprise, Glenda Gilsen, was the bronzest of them all - but we can clearly see that she only places 3rd in our leaderboard of ridiculous tans. Julian from UTV got 19% of the vote, and to be fair, he is usually a lot browner than the photo above, but it was all I could find. 18% of you thought Linda Martin was pretty damn fake-baked - no doubt she's weeping and wondering 'WHY MEEEE' right about now. Dale Winton scored only 14% of your votes (and what on earth is he doing to those rabbits!?), much to my surprise. And Jessie and David, arguably incredibly orange no matter what time of year it is, only got 9% and 13% of your votes! Do I sense a Gilsen-spiracy?

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